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Watch Salma Hayek’s interview at San Diego 2014 Comic Con.

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#SDCC14: Salma Hayek and Joe Lynch talk Everly.

Everyone familiar with Lynch knows that he has a habit of putting his actors through the proverbial wringer so we wondered if his approach would be different with Hayek. He laughed, "Believe me, it was all on the page already. I didn’t have to coax Salma into anything!"

"Honestly, the amount of heart that got installed into the movie because of her was monumental, and every day - and this is to Salma’s credit - she would ask, ‘Where’s the truth in this?’ That really made me evaluate every single beat in the film."

He continued, "I had lived with the script so long and Salma came in totally fresh and totally objective and said, ‘Wait. You might have had that really cool shot in your head for five years, but is it resonating the truth of the moment?’ We would literally throw everything out and say let’s focus on how we can get the most emotional impact into the moment while still making the film engaging because it’s all in one room. So it was definitely a mutual masochism I guess you could say. She set me straight plenty of times."

Given that Salma spends a good portion of the film locked in one room, we asked if maybe she became a tad claustrophobic during the shoot. "I am actually claustrophobic," said Hayek. "It was the same room, but there were so many different things happening in there. What was really claustrophobic was the time I spent tied up and in a cage during that short segment…"

"We had some technical problems that day, and so you are building up emotionally and then you hold it because we are going to go again. At some point at one take when they said cut, I cried for an hour and they were all freaking out. For me, it was very challenging. So yeah, it wasn’t so much the room that made me feel claustrophobic, but that one scene that looks like nothing was REALLY tough."

Given that Hayek spends most of the film being terrorized, it turned out getting free and giving back some pain was especially gratifying.

"I had to go train to learn how to use a gun, and everyone else on the crew was all excited about the training… I detested it. *laughs* I remember that every time we shot them, I was like, ‘Oh, the noise!’ By the time we reached the end of the shot, I remember that I was shooting and I was not even blinking anymore. By that point so much emotion had built inside me I was ready for revenge. I was just in control of my body… in control of the gun. In the beginning I was supposed to be a good, unassuming victim, but at the end Everly’s a different person."

"That was one of the benefits of shooting chronological, too, because we really got to work through the emotional beats every step of the way," adds Lynch. "By the end, you really feel like she’s the phoenix rising out of the ashes".

@via dreadcentral, by Steve Barton.

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Salma Hayek and Joe Lynch at Comic Con 2014 introducing Everly.

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Stills of Salma Hayek as a real badass in Everly, directed by Joe Lynch. 

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Salma Hayek and director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom) hit Comic-Con today to show off footage from their upcoming film Everly, the tale of a woman who must fend off assassins sent after her by her ex, who happens to be a crime boss.

The RADiUS/Weinstein Company film — these are the guys who just recently brought us the great Snowpiercer — features a ton of gun play and gore, if the sizzle reel that was shown is any indication. Lynch called it “Die Hard in a room,” as the bulk of the film takes place entirely in Everly’s apartment as she faces killer after killer after killer.

The reel started with Hayek in a negligée, bleeding from the gut and talking to someone on the phone… her ex? He tells her she just killed nine men, and then we cut to a few minutes earlier as Everly does just that — she takes out every yakuza assassin in the room with full Technicolor blood flow. Next we see her pulling a bag of cash out from under the floorboards, calling her mom to tell her she needs to get her to safety. But when she tries to leave the apartment, more assassins pour in, and so attack after fight after murder after kill kicks in in quick succession. A hand grenade thrown into an elevator of yakuza? Sure. A rocket launcher incinerating the apartment? Yep. Salma Hayek fighting with a sai? Why not?

In fact, Hayek said that her favorite weapon in the film was the sai. “Screw the Ninja Turtles,” said Lynch. “When you see Salma Hayek with a sai, you’re going to [freak].”

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough to make you want to see the movie, Hayek added: “I barely wear anything throughout the whole film.”

Noted. Everly opens next February.

@via IGN, by Scott Collura.

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Salma Hayek supports the Triathlon des Roses, for breast cancer research, organized by Foundation ARC.

"Protect the women we love!" Spread the word.

For further information.

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The Prophet: Next step - TORONTO!

Salma Hayek and the crew of The Prophet attended the 2014 Cannes Film Festival to promote their new animation film based on Kahlil’s Gibran novel. Even not being finished yet, the movie got amazing reviews from the people who had the privilege to be at the screening in Cannes. 

As part of promoting the movie, Salma and the team will be back again at The Toronto International Film Festival. September 4-14, 2014.

The Prophet is an animated feature film with “chapters” from 9 animation directors from around the world, so as Roger Allers. It stars Salma Hayek, Liam Neeson, Alfred Molina, Quvenzhané Wallis and John Krasinski.

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Salma Hayek and Deepak Chopra: “Identity is a kind of fire.”


Salma Hayek and physician-philosopher Deepak Chopra shared a conversation about existential questions at last Cannes Film Festival. 

Read this incredible and inspiring dialogue.

"Salma Hayek et Deepak Chopra :’l’identité, c’est une sorte de feu’"  by Viviane Chocas.

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Salma Hayek arrived in Los Angeles with her new puppy. She always rescues animals from the streets, including horses, and she found this one in Bulgaria while she was there for the shootings of Septembers Of Shiraz. Also, Salma got a new haircut! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!

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Salma Hayek’s Exclusive Interview for BTV, part 2.

The second part of Salma’s interview for BTV is out.

She talks about marriage, her 7 years old daughter Valentina and how she is a good Sudoku player.

Check here.